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A sedative to all sorrows--and a solace under all sharp afflictions
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(Theodore Cuyler, "Beulah-Land" or, Words of Cheer for Christian Pilgrims)

"After a little while--you will see Me!" John 16:17

Those sweet tender words,
"After a little while," have deep thoughts in them, like the still ocean at the twilight--thoughts too deep for our fathoming. They breathe some precious consolations to those believers whose burdens are heavy--either with care, or poverty, or sickness. Neither shall the mourner weep much longer, or God's poor children carry the pains and privations of poverty much longer. The daily toil to earn the daily bread, the carking care to keep the barrel from running low and the scanty "cruse" from running out--will soon be over. Cheer up, my brother! "After a little while--you will see Me!" says your blessed Master, "for I am going to prepare a place for you!"

Oh the infinite sweep of that glorious transition! A few years here in a poor dwelling, whose rent it is hard to pay--and then infinite ages in the palace of the King of kings! Here a scanty table and coarse clothing--and yonder a robe of resplendent light at the marriage-supper of the Lamb! Let this blissful thought put new courage into your soul, and fresh sunshine into your countenance!

I sometimes go into a sick chamber where the godly are suffering with no prospect of recovery. Perhaps the eyes of some of those chronic invalids may fall upon this article. My dear friends, put under your pillows these sweet words of Jesus, "After a little while--you will see Me!" It is only for a little while--that you are to serve your Master by patient submission to His holy will. That chronic suffering--will soon be over. That disease which no earthly physician can cure--will soon be cured by your Divine Physician, who by the touch of His messenger death, will cure you in an instant, and bring you into the perfect health of Heaven! You will exchange this weary bed of pain--for that crystal air in which none shall ever say, "I am sick;" neither shall there be any more pain.

Not only to the sick and to the poverty-stricken children of God, do these tender words of our Redeemer bring solace. Let these words
bring a healing balm to hearts that are smarting under unkindness, or wounded by neglect, or pining under privations, or bleeding under sharp bereavements. I offer them as a sedative to all sorrows--and a solace under all sharp afflictions. "After a little while--you will see Me!" The sight of Him shall wipe out all the memories of the darkest hours through which you made your way through this wilderness world--to mansions of glory!

"A few more struggles here,
 A few more conflicts more,
 A little while of toils and tears--
 Then we shall weep no more!"

May God help us all to be faithful--only for a little while--and then comes the unfading crown of glory!


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