Ministry Training

We here at Living Waters offer a ministerial program that helps those who feel called into the ministry, but cannot afford the time or the financial means to go to a Full Time Bible School; Our twelve month program includes: Not only biblical training, but also practical hands on ministry, (i.e. exhorting before the full congregation & also other churches and outreaches as scheduled).

After completing the one year course, An Exhorter License is issued, after two years holding this, they may proceed on to a Minister’s License if they feel they are called to go on, and after prayerful consideration by the church ministerial board, a Minister’s License will be issued.

After holding this ministers license for two year’s, One may continue on to receive their Ordination Papers, after prayerful consideration by the church ministerial board.

We at Living Waters believe that each person who has the calling to minister can fulfill their potential through this program and with the help of the Holy Spirit and our Pastors, We bring out and cultivate the gift within them!

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