Music Ministry

The purpose and importance of this ministry is not for the entertainment of the congregation, but rather to shut out the cares of the world and to open the soul, to receive the “WORD” which is able to Save it! We are directed completely by the Holy Spirit, and count this (our) sensitivity to him as an important part of our offering true worship to God! We have a unique and contemporary sound experience that will have you singing, clapping, and dancing in the aisles! And with all this, there will be mixed in an occasional “Old Hymn”, or even “Southern Gospel”.

We also have special worship songs done by members of the congregation, both young and old alike, with different styles of music! Opportunities are open for those who feel called to express their talent, for the Glory of God; either by Singing, or Playing an Instrument, Dance, Mime, etc. for God’s Glory! The opportunity is there for those who are faithful in being a part of the body, and are willing to submit to the directors of the “Worship & Praise Team”, for the benefit of the Body of Christ! We have anointed and skilled people who are not in competition with each other, but rather they cooperate for the benefit of blessing God’s people, that they may enter into the presence of the Lord!

“For He Inhabits Their Praises!”

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