Pre Teen Ministry

Youth Ministry (ages 5-12) on Wednesday Nights

These times are more than just a time to play games while the adults are learning the “WORD” of God; We have our own time of: Singing Songs, Praying for Others, We learn a lesson, and learn to memorize a scripture verse; We also set a night aside to do crafts, we reward with treats that night with class participation.

Our goal is to have the children learn at their own level, at their own pace;

We believe that our children will learn respect, and to have an attitude acceptable towards others and themselves;

There is no time to neglect the responsibility for our children’s spiritual growth/maturity;

We believe that God has commissioned us to implant the seed of God’s “WORD”, So that our children may become responsible members of the congregation, able to receive the engrafted “WORD” which is able to save their souls. (James 1:21)

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