Prison Ministry

This is a great opportunity to present Jesus Christ to men and women, who are lost and believe that there is no way out, Our God is able to make a way, and set free through the anointed preaching, teaching, singing, The Spirit of God is able to give these individuals a second chance.

This is a very touching ministry to see teenagers and men and women, who are locked up and have nowhere to go, but to Jesus Christ as their Savior for help: spiritually, mentally and physically.

We go to “Bath Correctional Facility”, the fourth Sunday of the month holding a total of three to four services per night, we go as a team and as a mouth piece for the Lord and He rescues them from the eternal torment and separation from him! God loves the prisoner! We have been seeing over thirty souls come per month to give their lives over to the Lord, (men, women and teenagers). We also publish a monthly newsletter “Free Spirit” for them with bible studies, exhortations, etc.

There is visitation on Fridays only, Rev. Ron Martin meets face to face with those with very difficult situations, in need of more counseling, The Holy Spirit gives Bro. Ron wisdom to help those in need! We keep in touch with them in follow up when they are released, also we help them and their families find a church to call their own in their own town, we help them by referring them to a “God Fearing and Bible Believing Church” to mature them!

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